Keynote Speakers

3rd International Conference on Advanced Technology & Sciences

ICAT16 : Keynote Speakers
01 Sep ~ 03 Sep


Prof.Dr. Lilia  Georgieva

Artificial Intelligence, Data structures and algorithms, Databases and information systems, Rigorous methods, Computer network security, Web intelligence


Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom

Presentation Title:  " "

Prof.Dr. Muhammet Koksal

Electrical Filters, Switched Capacitor Filters, State Equations of Linear and Nonlinear Systems, Linear circuits Containing Periodically Operated Switches, Time-Varying Systems, Periodically Time-Varying Systems, N-Path Filters, Stop-go Filters, Resonant Transfer Circuits, Initial Value Problems and Switching Equations in Linear Circuits, Non-Linear Systems; Periodical solutions, Stability, Commutativity and Effects of Nonzero Initial Conditions on Commutativity, Piece-wise Linear Systems and their Periodical Solutions, Modeling and Formulation of Power-Electronic Circuits and Rotating Machines, Errors in Numerical Algorithms, Transients in Power Transmission Lines, Corona and Corona Models, High Gradient Magnetic Filters, Differential Taylor Transform and its Application to System Analysis, Mathematical Modeling and Applied Mathematics, Design of Controllers by CDM (Coefficient Diagram Method), Active filter realizations by using current conveyors.

Istanbul Gelisim University, Turkey.

Presentation Title:  "Commutativity of linear time-varying differential systems"