3rd International Conference on Advanced Technology & Sciences

01 Sep ~ 03 Sep

Q1. How to Submit Full Paper?

A1. Please, Login to the system by using your current User id and password. (If you don't have one please visit http://www.icatsconf.org/ICAT16/icat16 and then click Register link at the right upper corner)
And then please click "Paper Submission" link on the left menu.
Then please click "Update paper" link..
Please choose "full paper" as "type of paper".
Then you will see "Select" button at the end of Abstract.
Please Upload/Submit your paper by using "Select" button 

Q2. How to complete your payment of registration fee?

A2. In order to complete your payment of registration fee please follow the steps below:

- Please login to the system by using your current user id and password. 

- Please choose " Conference Registration " link on the left menu. Please follow the steps here and complete the Conference Registration step. Please choose/ correct options/information here not to have any problem for payment.

- After completing Conference Registration please click "Payment " link on the left menu and then complete payment process by choosing either wire transfer of credit card.

- We have in advance payment policy. Thus we kindly remind you that it won't be allowed payment at registration desk.

PS: If you enter/choose incorrect participant type such as listener instead of participant and vice versa you may have the problem for the payment.