3rd International Conference on Advanced Technology & Sciences

ICAT16 : Announcements
01 Sep ~ 03 Sep

Dear ICAT'16 participants;

Please find the list of papers selected by the ICAT organization committee for publication in the journals attached.
Our participants should follow the announcements of the journal editors.

ICAT'16 Konya participants are required to upload their papers themselves according to the format of the journals mentioned in the list.
Journals and list of the presented ICAT’16 articles chosen to be published in the journals.

Link :

Best regards.


Full texts book is in preparation process. Please follow the announcements. It will be published as soon as possible.

Early registration has been extended to 05 August 2016. The one who makes the payment untill this date will get the advantage of early registration fee. After this date you will pay late registration fee.

Full paper submission date is extended to July 24, 2016.

After having many demands from interested participants for accommodation options we had negotiation with Selene Tourism in Konya for appropriate and reasonable fees for different hotels. Followings are the fees for Selene Tourims & If you decide to reserve a room from from any of the hotel below please get in contact with Selene Tourism from following channels:


Selene Tourism

Mete HORZUM   (Owner & Director) :

Whats up            : 05325649192 Fee

Selene Tourism Fee







Dedeman Hotel


64 €

64 €

45 €      

50 €

Rixos Hotel


65 €

65 €

45 €      

50 €

Ramada Konya


55 €    

60 €

40 €

45 €

Hilton Garden Inn


64 €

77 €

55 €

70 €

Novo Otel



65 €

65 €

45 €

50 €



30 €


28 €

29 €














The fee includes breakfast, VAT and SPA.


We kindly ask you to follow the steps in the following lines to complete payment of registration fee:

1- Please loggin to the system to complete "Conference Registration" by your current user id and password. Please click "Conference Registration" link on the left menu and follow the steps to complete conference registration. Please be careful to choose correct options like being listener, participants and etc.

2- Second step is to click the "Payment" link on the left menu. Please follow steps and then compelte your payment. If you haven't completed conference registration you will not be able to make any payment. Depending on the information that you entered during conference registration will be used in Payment section for determining registration fee.

Maximum allowed number of page per manuscript is 10

Early registration can only be completed by paying the registration fee in advance till 31 July 2016.

We would like to thank our colleagues around the world due to overwhelming interests to our  conference ICAT'16 that will be organized in Konya on 1-3 September 2016. More than 500 abstracts were submitted to our conference. Some of the abstracts were evaluated and some of them are still under the evaluation process. Due to demands from colleagues abstract submission is extended to 10 June 2016.

Moreover, official WEB site of ICAT has been  renewed and be active on new server. The user IDs and passwords belong to ICAT'16 participants were transferred to the new WEB site. Please logging to the system by using your current user id and password to update your information. Please check all your belongings in new WEB site and let us know If anything needs to be changed or corrected.  

Due to quite dense number of paper submissions we had to update deadlines of ICAT'16 as follows:

Submission of Abstracts                                  June 10,2016

Fulltext Submission                                         July 17, 2016

Conference Early Registration Fee Payment      July 31, 2016

Conference Late Registration Fee Payment       August 21, 2016

Conference Date                                             September 1-3, 2016

The results of the double peer review of the full papers will be sent to the related authors.

We had so many e-mail and phone traffics related with the conference books. In order to clarify publishment policy of ICAT'16 following principles will be applied:

- If an author just send only abstract  (not the full paper or poster) then  the abstract will be published in abstract book of ICAT'16 with two conditions;

         * Abstract must be accepted

         * Abstract must be presented as orally at the ICAT'16 conference. 

- If an author send us full paper after his/her abstract was accepted then the paper will be published in Conference Proceedings of ICAT'16 with two conditions;

        * Paper must be accepted

        * Paper must be presented as orally at the ICAT'16 conference.

-  If an author send us poster after his/her abstract was accepted then the poster will be published in the poster chapter of Conference Proceedings of ICAT'16 with two conditions;

        * Poster must be accepted

        * Poster must be presented in poster sessions at the ICAT'16 conference.

Interested authors can directly submit full paper or poster to the new ICAT'16 WEB site in order to speed up evaluation process.

--- Conference Proceedings and Abstract Book will be published in ICAT'16 WEB site as electronically after the Conference is completed.




Submission deadline for abstratcs is changed to 10.06.2016.

ICAT'16 will be held in KONYA, TURKEY during September 1-3, 2016