Paper Guidelines

11th International Conference on Advanced Technologies

ICAT23 : Paper Guidelines
17 Aug ~ 19 Aug

Guidelines for Preparation of ICAT'23 Papers

Oral Presentations

* The details about the oral presentations and the conference program will be announced in due time on this web site.

* Registration with payment to the conference is required to be listed in the final program. Attendance is mandatory to prevent no-shows.

* The language of the oral presentation is English and papers should be written in English.


Abstract Submission

* To submit your abstract, register and login to the website by using the Paper Submission link exists on the left menu. Then, submit your abstract (until 300 words) using the online panel of your conference account.

- If an author just send only abstract  (not the full paper or poster) then the abstract will be published in abstract book of ICAT’23 with two conditions;

         * Abstract must be accepted

         * Abstract must be presented as orally at the ICAT’23 conference. 


Full Paper Submission

* Although it is not mandatory in advance to submit the full paper due to two stages evaluation stage-abstract and full paper evaluation, we encourage you to submit your work as a full paper to be evaluated at once in a shorter time.

- If an author sends us full paper after his/her abstract was accepted then the paper will be published in Conference Proceedings of ICAT’23 with two conditions;

        * Paper must be accepted

        * Paper must be presented as orally at the ICAT’23 conference.

* Please use the supplied templates:

  MS Word Template

  MS Word 2007 Template

  Latex Template

* It is best to start writing your paper by entering the text into the template, to make sure that all formatting is correct.

* The information on page layout and formatting can be found in the templates

* Index terms should be listed, keywords can be found at the IEEE keyword list.

* The language of the conference is English and papers should be written in English.


Poster Submission

- If an author sends us a poster after his/her abstract was accepted then the poster will be published in the Conference Proceedings of ICAT’23 with two conditions;

        * Poster must be accepted

        * Poster must be presented in poster sessions at the ICAT’23 conference.

- The posters will be displayed with good visibility in the ICAT’23

- The maximum poster size is A0 (W: 80 cm, H: 100 cm). We would like to suggest to use double-stick tape which will be provided by the secretariat. We will prepare an exhibition panel: W90cm×H180cm

Poster Presentations

* Poster presentations will have dedicated two-hour sessions in the first and second days of the conference. No oral sessions will be held during the poster sessions to ensure attendance

* The details of the poster formats and the conference program will be announced in due time on this page.


Rules and Regulations:

  • Each poster should include a topic/title across the top. The Font Size should be at least 24 points, in bold printing to be seen easily. 
  • Underneath the topic/title, authors’ names, job title/position, company/school, postal addresses, and e-mail addresses should be listed in larger than 16 point type. 
  • The text information should be in 16 point type or larger. 
  • The poster must NOT be a commercial/product sales poster. 
  • Specific times and locations for Poster set-up and takedown will be forwarded to you as the information becomes available. Please note that anything left in the poster area after the specific take-down period will be discarded. The ICAT’23 Secretariat will not be responsible for your Poster.
  • To be accepted to the ICAT’23, the author or at least one of the co-authors, has to be registered for the ICAT’23. 
  • If you have any questions, please contact the ICAT’23 Secretariat at