Conference FAQ

11th International Conference on Advanced Technologies

ICAT23 : Conference FAQ
17 Aug ~ 19 Aug

What is the registration cost?
All conference registration costs will be listed on the registration page of the Conference website.

Will there be a face-to-face presentation at ICAT?
Yes, there will be both face-to-face and online presentations.

Can I participate only with the abstract submission?
Yes, You can participate in the conference by submitting the abstract without sending the fulltext paper.

How can I get the invitation letter for the conference?
After you become a member of the ICAT'23 site, you can download it from the "Acceptance Letter" menu link. Invitation letter can be downloaded for each paper author.

How can I get the acceptance letter for the conference?
After your paper is accepted, you can download it from the "Acceptance Letter" menu link. Acceptance letter can be downloaded for each paper author.

How to become a reviewer/Keynote speaker in ICAT'23?
Please send a CV containing your scientific studies to email address.

How can I get a pro forma invoice?
After registering for the conference and creating a payment code, you can download a pro forma invoice from the payment menu link.

What is the method of payment?
We are currently only able to take registration payments by either credit card or bank transfer method. If you have a specific difficulty that prevents you from paying by this method, please contact the conference office and they will try to help. We advise you to complete your payment by credit card. 

What is the registration cancelation policy?
You can get information about the refund policy from the

Virtual presentations. How can we join the Virtual sessions?
We will send information to all conference participants in an email with simple and clear instructions. There is a link that will automatically connect you to the conference platform.
Please note there is no need to join the virtual session from the conference venue. You can join us anywhere & you just need a computer and internet.

How long is a conference paper presentation for virtual delegates?
Virtual presenters will have 13 minutes for paper presentation, and then 2 minutes for Q&A.