Review Process

5th International Conference on Advanced Technology & Sciences

ICAT17 : Review Process
09 May ~ 12 May

The review process for abstract/paper/poster submitted to the 5th International Conference on Advanced Technology & Sciences (ICAT'17)  is refereed.

There will be two review stages;

At the first stage the submitted abstracts will be evaluated. It is expected that the abstract will include original data not previously published in a peer-review journal or the proceedings of any national/international meeting/conference/symposium. Only the authors of those abstracts that have been reviewed and selected by the Abstract Review Committee will be asked to send full paper/poster. The criterias will be originality and matching at least with one of the fields of conference regarding to the topic. This evaluation period will change between 2 days to 1 week. 

At the second stage  full papers/posters of the authors whose abstract is selected will be evaluated. The ICAT'17 has a double peer-review process for full paper/posters. Any paper/poster submitted for the ICAT'17 is reviewed by at least two international reviewers with expertise in the relevant subject area. Based on the reviewers’ comments, papers/posters are accepted, rejected or accepted with revision. If the comments are not addressed well in the improved paper/poster, then the paper/poster is sent back to the authors to make further revisions. Authors will be notified about their submission results in 3 weeks.